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Change requires expertise

Change because of increased competition

Change through growth

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About OTM Advies

The main goal of OTM Advies is to help enterprises and/or financial institutions solving important issues that enhance the efficiency and continuity of the organisation. The services provided by OTM Advies concentrate on these expertises.

Reorganisation or Restructuring

Transformation through innovation

Risk Management for banks

OTM Advies stands for Organisation & Transformation Management. Being “On The Move” is at the core value of what OTM Advies wants to realize for their clients to enhance capability in close collaboration with the client to implement and then achieve the set goals.

EXPERIENCE: Jo van Kalsbeek (founder and senior consultant of OTM Advies) has many years of experience in restructuring and reorganising enterprises and business units and a lot of experience and expertise in setting up and implementing change and innovation. In addition to this, he also has long-standing experience in realising organisational changes in a word full of complex regulations. Jo has over 20 years of management and senior management experience, in the fields of advice- and relationship management (sales), change management (project manager) and risk management (Head of Financial Restructuring and Recovery and Head of Credit Risk Management). Managing issues has also provided him with a lot of international experience. While managing complex issues, Jo has worked closely together with lawyers, liquidators and organisational advisers. Over the years he also has fulfilled various commissioners and advisory functions. As an innovation manager, Jo founded and designed innovation labs which configured a new form of renewal.

Throughout the years, Jo has followed several educational programs at the Dutch Universities of Leiden, Tilburg (TIAS), Nyenrode, Nijmegen (CPO Radboud) and Rotterdam (Erasmus) and at the Universities of applied science of Zeeland and Utrecht additional to attending several conferences and seminars.

ASSOCIATIONS: To ensure the best results will be achieved, OTM Advies has undertaken several associations with accountancy, law, innovation management and HR specialist to enhance the offering where required to meet the client expectations and reach the set goals within the parameters of the project.

CURRENT ASSIGNMENT: OTM Advies is currently undertaking a project to manage integration and reorganisation of two major businesses (both with subsidiaries in different countries and consisting of over 1000 FTE) within a larger holding company. The stakeholders are (international) supervisors, employees, shareholders, staff councils, board members and many advisors. The goal of the project is to simplify the corporate governance and to increase the international decision-making power of management operating in a market whereby revenue models are subject to change. This will enable an enhancement of achieve synergy and improves the Cost-Income ratio of the new integrated organisation.

CONTACT: OTM Advies would be pleased to discuss solutions with you for issues relating to reorganisation, restructuring, innovation or risk management for banks. OTM Advies would like to support you to overcome these issues as a contractor, interim manager, adviser to management, member of your supervisory board, advisory observer or in special situations as temporary employee of your organisation.