Change through new production

Change because of international competition

Change through growth

Change requires expertise

Change through innovation

Reorganisation and Restructuring

Does your organisation need professional support in order to manage a reorganisation, restructuring, or to overcome other challenges?

OTM Advies works with organisations who are facing important organisational and financial challenges. These challenges differ from organisational optimisation or a substantial reorganisation or a simplification (national or international) of corporate governance. OTM Advies is capable of a rapid intervention in an organisation where results are worsening, funding pressure is high, liquidity limited or refinancing risks are being addressed.

We support small/medium enterprises and larger organisation with the planning and execution of the following challenges:

  • Merger and/or integration of Businesses or Business Units
  • Restructuring Business Units
  • High pressure from creditors, creating stress on the company’s continuity
  • Business or organisational measures or agreements between your company and e.g. the Financial Restructuring and Recovery department of your banking relationship(s)

Experience in reorganisation and restructuring

  • Merger and integration of companies (holding companies and operating companies) in The Netherlands and abroad
  • Reorganisation and integration of several departments and business units in corporate governance structures
  • Creating and setting up new business units
  • Termination and settlement of corporate entities and corporate structures
  • Arranging refinance solutions (bilateral or in syndicates) in The Netherlands and abroad
  • Restructuring finance agreements with banks and other creditors

Reorganisation and Restructuring

Does your organisation needs professional support in order to manage a reorganisation, restructuring or to overcome other challenges ? Based on the principle “Strategy is 100% execution” we can help you to achieve your goals.

Reorganisation and Restructuring

Transformation through innovation

How does your organisation ensures that innovation meets the changing needs of your customers and business models ? With a good approach your organisation will become Fit for the Future.

Transformation through innovation

Risk Management for banks

Modern risk management combines the requested terms and conditions of customers, requirements caused by competitors, new technology and demands from supervisors. With an integrated risk management approach your bank will become successful.

Risk management for banks